About Nidara

Top 15 Reasons to Get Nidara

We strive to give the best for children to discover their potential, do well in school and life. Know more about the top 15 reasons to get Nidara by clicking here.

Who is Nidara for?

Nidara is a pioneering child development system for child between the ages of 3 and 8. We partner with healthcare professionals, educators and parents to give children the best early childhood foundation possible.

While children with learning handicaps and disabilities may use Nidara, it is not designed to accommodate their learning differences and hence should be used in knowledge of this information.

Health (Whole Child Development Milestones)

One of the fundamental pillars of Nidara is whole child development. It encompasses the following developmental areas:

  1. Brain Development: Nidara focuses on the executive functions of the brain like working memory, speed and problem solving.
  2. Physical Development: Nidara provides children activities to do on a daily basis to ensure that they are developing as per milestones per age.
  3. Social and Emotional Development: Nidara helps children learn and identify various social and emotional behaviours for the right stations.
  4. Nutrition: Nidara guides children on the right nutrition for their age so that they remain healthy and happy.

Learn more about Whole Child Development and Nidara by clicking here.

Curriculum Section

Nidara gives children possibilities like never before with personalized learning paths, new course offerings, and opportunities to discover the intersection of their passions and purpose. Children are able to learn at their own pace and style.

  1. Curriculum: Nidara’s standards based international 21st century curriculum is aligned to the most current recommendations of professional associations in the United States and globally, and collaboratively developed with faculty to ensure appropriate challenge and rigor.
  2. Guided Learning: A routine is necessary. Nidara’s guided learning system helps children make steady progress to remain competitive in their academic standings.
  3. Adaptive Learning: Nidara helps children learn at their own skill level by offering questions that suit their abilities.

Learn more about Personalized Education and Nidara by clicking here.

Interest Development

For our youngest learners, our Nidara system is filled with exciting discoveries and quiet contemplation. Through our Reggio Emilio inspired methods, we give children an opportunity to explore, discover and nurture their interests.

  1. Passion Pathways
    Nidara believes in helping children discover their true talents and interests and creating meaningful passion pathways to build on them.

Learn more about Interest Development and Nidara by clicking here.

Grading and Reporting

Nidara uses standards based reporting for helping parents and educators track the development and performance of every child. The standards-based report card communicates a child’s progress toward mastery of learning targets or standards and their developmental milestones. These can be seen when you login to your dashboard.

Parent Tips

Nidara believes that meaningful interactions with parents with their children during their early childhood years contributes to significant developing in a child. As part of our mission to help parents give their children a solid foundation, we provide daily tips in parent dashboards based on the activities the child did that day.

Nidara Community

At the heart of all of the work we do is people. Children, parents, doctors, early childhood specialists and educators have been the defining element of Nidara since Shubha Janardhan and Dr. Janardhan founded it in 2012. Our warm, dynamic, and welcoming community is the result of the diverse and inclusive people who spend so much of their time here each day. We enjoy a rich history of volunteerism and that desire to serve continues to influence the strength and continued growth of our tight knit community. Click on any of the links below to learn more about how they add to our community:

Shining Stars
Nidara Parent Association